Strong Network

With the expansion and growth of New Era, came the success of its export division – thanks to its proactive approach and effective strategies. Not only its network is diversifying across the globe steadily, but New Era as a brand is strengthening as well across the region.


New Era has always given due consideration to relationships with its customers across various markets, which is why their export division is thriving consistently. Due to its trust worthy relationships, it has built a strong hold in various markets.


The credibility that it enjoys today didn’t happen by chance. New Era as a brand has stood by its commitment whether it is on financial front or otherwise with its customers.


The export team plays a vital role in the overall growth of business. With the active supervision, result-driven structure and dedication, the team is capable of sourcing anything and everything that is required by its customers.

Financial Strength

New Era was established with financial backing as its core strength which helped it register exponential growth in export sector within a short span of time. Thanks to its financial stability that it can meet any sort of financial commitment that may be expected by its suppliers.

Proven Track Record

It has stood strong with its commitmentand helped its suppliers in achieving the annual targets because our focus is our supplier’s success.